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Hi, This is Alicia and you have reached my site. I wanted to post a link to this amazing piece of exercise equipment that has made a huge difference to me.

In just 2 months, with just 10 minutes per day, I have been able to go from leg pain levels 7 - 10 down all the way to 0 - 3.

Please read on for more info and follow the link to get one of your own through my affiliate link. Feel free to contact me if you have questions. It's been truly a life changer for me.




“I keep my REBOUNDER at the foot of my bed, and use it daily.” Bob Hope, age 76.

"I have a little trampoline I use to get my exercise. So if you see somebody jumping up & down on the second floor of the White House, that’s me REBOUNDING.” President Ronald Reagan, age 70.


Spirit alive: 94-year-old seeker stays vital by exercising mind, body and soul

Sunlight streams over the window-box flowers in her 1920s-era Belltown apartment as 94-year-old Ruthmary McDowell explains how she rose from what could have been her death bed last fall.

She was listening to the radio - it might have been Paul Harvey or Art Bell - when she heard about a new gadget called a "Cellerciser," a miniature trampoline with a waist-high grip bar for balance.

McDowell, a free-thinker born to parents who chased Alaska gold rushes at the turn of the last century, has been open to epiphanies all her long life.


Cellerciser Rebounder​

Best Rebounder-Cellerciser·Bouncing on a Cellerciser Rebounder daily is a way of life for tens of thousands of people. The Cellerciser is the best exercise rebounder in so many ways: patented state-of-the-art springs, steel frame, it's portable, folding legs, user-friendly results-oriented program, industry expert at the helm, top notch customer service department, it's weather resistant, and customers are treated like "family."

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