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Comparing Venmo, Square Cash, PayPal and Google Wallet


Does not permit merchants to make sales via Venmo, nor does it offer buyer or seller protection. You should only use this P2P payment app with people you trust, and you should not use it for buying and selling of goods, such as on Craigslist.

Venmo is a good app for sending and receiving funds among family and friends. The mobile app is easy to use, and the social component makes it handy for organizing events. It shouldn't be used for business transactions


Will roll out to the over 86 million mobile banking customers here in the U.S., promising a faster form of digital payments compared with apps like PayPal, Venmo, Square Cash, and others. Instead of transfers taking place overnight or after a couple of days, Zelle users can move funds from one bank to another in a matter of minutes.

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