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Our vision is to provide services that automate and increase efficiency for individuals and businesses.  Our passion is to assist companies and individuals to reach their goals.

Alicia Fettinger

Technology and Operations Management Professional

Results oriented professional with over 20 years experience in senior information technology management. Emphasis on leadership, technology strategies, project management, team building and process improvement in a technically dynamic environment. Focused on setting technology strategic direction, management of diverse groups such as software development, technology purchasing/leasing, endpoint services, financial chargebacks, contracts/vendor management, restaurant technology roadmap and contact center management. 

Heidi Fifield

Finance and Operations Management Professional

A result driven professional that works well in breaking down the barriers between the functions and the business, communicating a clear value proposition and delivering momentum with greater efficiency and effectiveness for goals to be achieve. Recognized for financial skills and the ability to design and reflect back the desired outcomes aligned with actionable solutions. Able to formulate short and long-term strategies, communicate values, and drive critical business decisions in order to meet or exceed stated objectives.

We are Technology, Operations, and Financial Management Professionals each with many years of experience working in corporate environments.

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