Tech Gadgets for Independent Living

August 2, 2017

Medication Management Devices

  • MedMinder - Digital pill dispenser that looks like a regular seven-day model. One type is locked until it's time for medication; the other is unlocked.

  • Reminder Rosie - Voice-activated talking clock that tells you to take your medicine at a certain time. You can use it for other reminders, too (feed the cat, take a short walk).

  • CareZone  - Free app you set that buzzes the phone when it’s time to take pills. You can share medication and other important information. The coolest feature: Take a photo of a pill bottle, upload it, and it gets transcribed and added to the medication list.

S.O.S. Safety Devices

  • GreatCall and MobileHelp have mobile PERS (personal emergency response systems) that work anywhere, not just in your house – and include fall detection. 
  • BeCloseEvermind and Lively attach to objects your parent uses most: the bed, a toaster, the bathroom or front door or a favorite chair. You remotely determine what circumstances merit notification (if Mom hasn’t made her coffee by 10 a.m., for example).You can check their activity on your smartphone.
Care Coordination
  • Used during a health crisis. Family and friends log on to get progress reports and sign up for assignments. The iPhone and iPad app synchronizes to a website.


  • Large touch screen, video chats, news, games, calendar, websites, IM, and photos. Also, sensor monitoring, medication prompts and telehealth device recording (weight, pulse, glucose). Caregivers connect to portal.

  • Touch screen tablet that “talks.” Tap the screen and the snoozing virtual dog or cat “gets up”; chatting back and forth begins. The trained staff operates and speaks through the screen remotely.

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